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We are one of the only operations to run on private mountain property!

You will not see other dog sledding companies, cross country skiers, or public snowmobilers sharing the same trails we use for dog sledding or snowmobiling. Our trails are not a flat run, down and back on a public road. Rather, our trails are a mix of scenic river runs, mountain climbs to wide-open meadows, and small single-track trails through pines and aspens with beautiful mountain vistas!

We have a beautiful heated lodge on our property!

Guests are greeted at our beautiful lodge with full restrooms, hot chocolate and snacks, and comfortable waiting areas with fireplaces! You don’t need to meet us at a trailhead or wait in your car in between tours.

a body of water surrounded by trees


We are one of the only operations to offer a $35 per person shuttle Or you can drive to our operation with our easy driving directions! If you do not have a vehicle, you will not need to take a costly taxi to our location as our $35 per person shuttle will pick you up at your hotel or home anywhere in the Park City area, SAVING YOU MONEY on transportation costs!


We have a wide array of wildlife that is seen on the property. Recently seen wildlife includes elk, deer, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and eagles! Our private mountain ranch rivals views anywhere in Northern Utah and never disappoints.

We have the ability to run multiple dog teams at the same time, and large groups can be accommodated with our large new snowmobile fleet!

We can run up to four dog teams multiple times a day for large family or corporate groups. So you will not have to make multiple tour times for your large group.  You can all enjoy the ride together and at the same time! Our experienced dogsled teams have many competitive racing huskies who have participated in the Iditarod!

a dog sitting in the snow