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Quick Details

Sled Max of 5 people per sled If you have multiple children • 3 people per sled per half hour • If 3 people in sled, at least one must be a child under 8
Sled with Pick-up Transportation $20pp • 3 people per sled per half hour • sled cannot exceed 350 pounds

The Best Way to See Park City!

Experience your own private winter wonderland as you embark on a dog-sledding excursion through the beautifully frosted mountains of Park City. The split ride includes 2 rides for 30 minutes each. Each sled can include up to 3 people, but the sled cannot exceed 350 lbs.

Please note: Each sled can carry a maximum of two adults and one small child, and a maximum of 350 pounds.

What’s Recommended:

  • Warm, insulated cold-weather clothing is advised with face protection. We advise you to come dressed like you’re going skiing
  • Tours are subject to weather conditions.
  • Transportation fee may apply for Dog Sledding tours if needed.